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The Practice of Leadership: Power, Privilege & Practice

In September 2014, the Yoga Journal Estes Park Conference invited Jacoby to participate in a panel conversation called The Practice of Leadership: Power, Privilege & Practice. You can listen to the conversation here.

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The Dance of Forgiveness

Series co-taught with Anya Porter, yogi/Buddhist/dancer extraordinaire!

What does it mean to forgive or to ask for forgiveness and how can these actions empower us and bring deep healing to our lives and the lives of others? Forgiveness is a practice and offering in many spiritual traditions, enabling us to move forward from the past, and to disengage in retribution, allowing the harm and violence that we have been dealt to stop with us; to do the work we need to do in order to not “pay it forward”. In this four-week series, we will explore the tender, complex, and ultimately liberating dance of grace and letting go in the three traditional paths or Yanas of Buddhist philosophy. Each week includes meditation, discussion and engaged activities to shine light on ways in which we can work with forgiveness.

Self-forgiveness and the Individual Path of Liberation.
We can often be the most judgmental and aggressive toward ourselves, resulting in resentment, shame and doubt in our intrinsic value. We start with ourselves, looking compassionately at the ways in which we have inflicted pain upon ourselves (including externally visible self-destructive behaviors or addictions, or the more internal and perhaps more subtle ways in which we simply do not treat ourselves kindly). Using methods in which we can shine the light of awareness on our own self-aggression and shame, we will work with the possibility of forgiveness of self as a path of personal liberation.

Weeks 2 and 3: The Path of the Compassionate Warrior

Asking For Forgiveness.
In the Mahayana or Compassionate Warrior’s path, we seek to heal our relationships with others in order to relieve mutual pain. We too have hurt people, and we have also been hurt, it is a part of the human condition. Asking for forgiveness is a powerfully liberating practice that allows us to heal old wounds in relationships and within ourselves, acknowledging the ways in which we have harmed others, sitting with that pain, and seeking forgiveness by skillfully engaging with those we have hurt. Within this session, we will also explore the differences between asking for forgiveness and apologizing.

Forgiving Others.
Perhaps one of the most difficult of all aspects of forgiveness, forgiving others who have hurt us, is another tool through which we can empower and liberate our relationships, as well as ourselves. Through this process, we can contemplate being with, and then letting go of resentment and anger, thus making room for the possibility of love and acceptance. In this session, special attention will be given to making space for pain and anger, and creating healthy boundaries with those we forgive.

Universal Forgiveness and the Indestructible Path.
What would it look like to work with forgiving the First Noble Truth, or the truth that suffering exists in the world? In the Vajrayana, or Indestructible path, there is a possibility that we can actually embrace that which causes pain as yet another avenue to awakening. Perhaps this world is not how we would have constructed it to be, and it contains discomfort, pain, and trauma, but is it possible to move towards the world, towards all beings, out of a more spacious understanding of the First Noble Truth? How can we relate to the reality that suffering permeates the human condition and how might we find the silver lining of this truth in order to heal our relationship with pain itself?

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Metta on the Mat

This is a lovingkindness yoga practice to tune-up your loving! Beginning with a reading of the Metta Sutra, this workshop will involve Metta meditation, asana, discussion, and journaling. We will examine the incessant thought-patterns that diminish and demean ourselves and others, and consider whether these patterns are working for us. We will discuss the hindrances to practicing lovingkindness, or what comes up when we do (loving is hard work!). We will explore what it means to put lovingkindness into practice in our yoga postures, learning how to create ease and grace with each movement and in each moment of stillness. And we will sit with the full contents of our hearts, and learn how to hold our relationships and ourselves with softness and openness.

New Year’s Transition: clearing and growth

Come to this yoga workshop that will involve vinyasa yoga practice, meditation, journaling, herbal tea to cleanse and nourish, and discussion. Take this time to think about your last year, how you have lived in alignment with who you want to be in the world. We will also take time to recognize and speak to the times when we each haven’t been in alignment with our truth, with compassion, patience, forgiveness, and other elements of our practice. We will sweat out the last year and make space for the year to come.

Please bring a journal and a mug for tea.

Gratitude Practice on Thanksgiving Day

Before the feast, before the family, join for a yogic practice of giving thanks.

This is a practice that honors who we are, the blessings that have been bestowed upon us, and connecting us with all of life around us, without separation. To begin class, we will honor the people that originally inhabited Brooklyn, acknowledging the complicated history that underlies this holiday. We will confront jealousy with the warm practice of gratitude, creating a sense this morning that we all are, and we all have, enough. Come to this Thanksgiving Day class to connect with yourself and your deepest wisdom, joining with others on the path. This open-level class will involve asana, meditation, and breath work for yogis of all ages, all capacities.

Come and give thanks.

Queer and Trans Yoga

Queer and Trans Yoga is a playful and nourishing yoga class specifically for the LGBT community that leaves heterosexism and transphobia outside the classroom and allows for you to be fully present and embodied. This class also recognizes the way that society’s homophobia, misogyny, and gender binary occupies our hearts and bodies, and that we need a safe space to be with that pain in order to dissolve and transform it. This class builds and celebrates community as we create space for each other and all of our different bodies and genders. This is a yoga class to bring your whole queer self to-your tears, your snaps, your winks, your laughter.

Paying for Presence: Yoga, Class and Capitalism

This workshop examines the class dynamics of yoga within a capitalist society, and explores tools for economic accessibility. In this workshop we will first explore the ideals and values of both yoga and capitalism-are they at odds with one another? Does one compromise the other? in order to become aware of why yoga in the U.S. manifests as it does. We will then look at the cost of yoga classes, retreats, and workshops, and the income brackets of our neighbors and community to earnestly examine who we are serving in yoga. Finally, we will also take a critical look at tools nationally that our being utilized to promote a greater diversity of students in yoga, and explore ideas to expand our own yoga practices, studios, and communities.

Opening Our Hearts to the ‘Other’

This workshop considers the question, ‘who do we push out of our hearts, and what might happen if we invite them in?’ with asana, pranayama, and  This is a workshop that explores Sharon Salzburg’s goal of opening our hearts “as wide as the world”. We will utilize the techniques, philosophies, and tools of Metta and Karuna (compassion) practices, while looking at who we push out of our hearts, who do we separate ourselves from-is it our family of origin? Is it people we label as ‘crazy’? Is it undocumented immigrants? Is it people who share our own identity that we push away the most? To expand our hearts, we must examine the shields that we have so carefully constructed to protect ourselves, and be willing to recognize what is serving us in moving toward love, and what is built out of fear.

Blissful Boo: Partner Yoga

This workshop is specifically designed for couples – partners, friends, boyfriends, buddies, siblings, and girlfriends, who want to explore new ways of practicing together.

This workshop will involve grounding yourself, and then turning toward your partner. Lezlie and Jacoby with guide you in a series of flows that will help cultivate receptivity and mutual support in your partnership. We will practice meditations, postures, and give each other massages and adjustments. Both partners will have an opportunity to give and receive during the session, and will be guided through the sequence step-by-step.

No prior yoga or massage experience necessary. Comfortable clothes recommended. Bring your partner, or a dear friend.

Yoga for Survivors

The intention of this class for survivors of sexual or physical trauma, violence, and abuse is to invite ourselves back into our bodies and hearts, which may have become dangerous or undesirable places due to trauma. Building trust together, we will move into any emotions or thoughts that arise, using the tools of posture, meditation, and breath to explore the possibility of healing.

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